Based on years of research in professional baseball, this book shares the reason why the word “adjustment” is the key to success.

Everyone has desires placed on their hearts. Whether it’s succeeding at work, losing weight, completing education, or improving key relationships, the list goes on and on. To fulfill these desires, we tend to employ familiar tools that have worked for us in the past. But then life throws us a curveball—a job loss, performance analytics, relationship troubles, or a global pandemic—and we get stuck. We have to search for new ways and new tools to adjust to these changes. This book provides new answers based on the latest research so you can succeed at whatever you are aiming for!

The Power of Small Changes on Performance, Productivity, and Peace 


Million Dollar Adjustments

Linda Wawrzyniak knows the enormous impact even the smallest adjustments can have on improving performance and increasing overall confidence and contentment. As a consultant and educator for Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, Linda began helping players navigate the challenges that come from acculturation and transition; at the same time, she also discovered the secret to improving their performance on the field. For the first time ever, she shares the secret of successful adjustments from within the closely guarded world of professional baseball. As a special bonus, the reader will have the opportunity to learn more about their own adjustment pattern tendencies through the Adjustment Awareness Audit, derived from the test used inside the MLB draft.


Meet Linda


Hi there! You know what I learned inside of professional baseball? It’s simply this; Championships are not won by accident. They are won from thousands of small adjustments made by everyone on the team.   

So, I decided to study this in order to teach it to others. 

I am a high-performance, championship-level learning scientist who is passionate about showing people how to make great adjustments both inside and outside of professional sports. In this age of rapid change, uncertainty and leadership paralysis, everyone needs to know how to make great adjustments in order to position themselves and their team to win. Unlocking the secret of adjustments in a highly competitive environment has been my secret weapon and now I am excited to share it with you.